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Often our customers ask what temperature I should set my thermostat to save on winter heating costs. It is really hard to respond because each of us physically has our own comfort levels which are how our bodies respond to changing temperatures. We normally tell our customers to set the thermostat initially at the setting that you think you would be comfortable. We also note that for every degree you reduce the setting saves 1% of you heating costs. For example if your normal heat setting is 74 degrees and you lower the setting to 70 degrees you can realize an average of 4% savings in heating utility costs.

A programmable thermostat is another option for saving energy costs this winter. The temperature is automatically reduced when you are away from home during your work day and increases to your normal setting prior to you arriving home. If desired it also will lower the heat setting at night while you are sleeping and will increase the temperature to normal when you wake up. As noted earlier lowering your thermostat saves money and reducing the temperature 5 – 10 degrees while at work or sleeping can provide an additional 5 – 10% for that 8 – 16 hour period of time each day. Programmable thermostats can provide a noticeable reduction in your monthly heating bills for a reasonable investment that will pay for itself normally in one heating season.

Please call TMC if you have questions or if you would like to learn more about programable thermostats and other energy saving options.