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Your automobile must be maintained, oil changes, tires, repairing failing parts, to keep it operating properly. Having it fail on a dark lonely stretch of highway is a situation we all would like to avoid.

The same goes for your air conditioner and heat pump if it is not maintained properly. The unit pictured had not been cleaned and maintained for several years. One suggestion is while mowing your lawn you should always direct the grass discharge away from the outdoor unit. The condenser coil over the years continued to gather dirt and debris bringing about an early major failure. The condenser coil is completely blocked with no air allowed to pass through, causing the compressor to overheat and fail which is a very costly repair.

A simple cleaning and performance check would have kept this system running for years at its peak efficiency. This customer noticed increased utility bills after the second year of operation and did not suspect that the issue was associated with having their system maintained. It wasn’t until the unit failed that they found out the advantage of having an annual cleaning agreement.

If you have not had your system serviced or clean in the last year now is the time to contact TMC to discuss our annual ESA maintenance agreement program. Start enjoying the confidence that comes with a properly maintained heating and cooling system.