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Need a Repair
or a Second Opinion?

Tennessee Mechanical Corporation always offers free system replacement quotes and we also offer free second opinions on major service repairs.

If are considering replacing your current system give us call. We will schedule a Comfort Consultant to visit your home at your convenience. You will receive a free no obligation replacement quote that is tailored and designed to meet your comfort needs and desires.

Tennessee Mechanical Corporation also offers “Free Second Opinions” on major service repairs.

Has another company been out to your home and informed you that you need a major repair or that your system needs to be replaced? This may be true, but you may also need a simple repair or just want to have other options available. Don’t spend the money unless you know for certain. Why not have us double check it for free? Give us a call and we will gladly schedule a service technician to visit your home to do a full diagnostic on your system.

Tennessee Mechanical Corporation diagnostic fee free on second opinions, not repairs. Proof of first opinion is required*