Common HVAC problems you could face in the fall

Common HVAC problems you could face in the fall

While you might think most HVAC problems occur in the winter or summer when these systems are used most often, problems can occur in your HVAC system any time of the year. As we approach the fall season, you should pay attention to your HVAC system to monitor its performance as the summer transitions into cooler weather and ensure your home receives the heating it needs as the months get cooler.

But what HVAC problems are of greater concern during the fall, and what maintenance issues should you look out for? We’ve got you covered if you’re unsure what to expect. Here are the top HVAC problems you should be concerned about in the fall and how you can address these issues with a reliable service.

1. Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are one of the main components of an effective HVAC system. Because your HVAC system is used heavily during the summer, air passes through air filters more frequently than in other seasons – and once summer turns into fall, your filter is often left dirty and clogged with dust particles and debris.

When fall arrives, your HVAC system might be out of use for the season, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to address dirty air filters. Fall is the perfect time to protect indoor air quality and invest in HVAC maintenance to check, clean, or change your air filters. Doing this will maintain your home’s air quality when your HVAC system is back in use and avoid issues related to clogged filters, such as consuming too much energy and overheating because of the greater exertion necessary to work properly with a clogged filter.

2. Faulty Thermostat

Another standard HVAC problem homeowners encounter in the fall is a faulty thermostat. If you’re heating your home during this season, you might realize that your thermostat isn’t programmed for the fall season and is only effective during extreme cold or heat. For those with programmable thermostats, you can reprogram thermostat temperature by consulting your owner’s manual and adjusting its settings accordingly. You should also check and replace your unit’s batteries annually or as often as necessary to keep your system running smoothly.

However, after these adjustments, you might find that your thermostat still isn’t responding correctly to meet your heating needs. If this occurs, you should consult a professional HVAC maintenance service to address your thermostat and HVAC system issues and make proper adjustments and recommendations.

3. Clogged Drain Lines

HVAC systems use condensate draining to remove moisture from the air conditioning unit. During the fall, debris like leaves commonly clog your system’s drain pipes and condensate coils, leading to several malfunctions and significant problems with your unit. Your HVAC system must work much harder when its drain lines are clogged, and this extra exertion can spiral into several issues and hefty heating costs.

Drain lines become clogged because of debris, dirty evaporator coils, mold in the drip pan, and other reasons you might not instantly recognize. Shut your system off during the fall and clean outdoor coils and drain lines to prevent moisture from backing up in your HVAC unit, which causes additional problems like water leaks and unit damage. If you clean your drip pan, heat pump coils, and drain line but still find issues with your system, it’s best to consult professional guidance to solve the problem.

4. Ignition Problems

Temperature changes between summer and fall can put significant pressure on your HVAC system sensors and lead to system failure. When your HVAC unit isn’t turning on, it might cause ignition problems.

Because different HVAC systems have different ignition components, you might take several courses of action to solve this problem. Remember that it’s always best to consult a professional service to address this maintenance issue and get your system back on track for the season.

Some problems impacting different types of ignition systems include:

  • For older furnaces with a pilot light ignition, consult your owner’s manual to relight the ignition. Pilot lights that continue going out even when you take the proper relighting steps indicate a problem with your unit’s thermocouple, which can be addressed through professional maintenance.
  • If you’re facing dirty burners in your ignition system, your system will produce lower amounts of heat while consuming high energy levels. Cleaning dirty burners is possible with routine maintenance from an experienced HVAC professional.
  • If you’re using a system with a hot surface ignitor and having problems with starting your furnace, you might be struggling with a faulty ignitor, a dirty system, or several other malfunctions that prevent your HVAC unit from working. Dirty ignitors can be cleaned to eliminate dirt buildup and restore your system to optimal performance. Other causes are best handled by a professional maintenance service.

5. Duct Leaks

During the fall, you might notice that your HVAC unit doesn’t heat your home properly or evenly. If that’s the case, you might be experiencing problems with your unit’s ductwork. When your ductwork becomes damaged over time, heat can quickly escape your system while cold air enters, causing an uneven and ineffective heating process.

Many people first notice ductwork issues during fall when their system’s heating component is put to work. If you can’t rely on your heating system to heat your home effectively, you should contact an HVAC maintenance professional to address and seal potential leaks or replace the system if necessary.

How TMC Can Fix Common HVAC Problems

Several HVAC problems you might encounter this fall can lead to improper heating of your home and greater energy consumption. Solving these problems is easiest when you consult with a professional service like Tennessee Mechanical Corporation.

TMC provides HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance services to serve Tennessee homes and effectively meet your heating and cooling needs. With TMC, you can address all of your HVAC problems without the stress of having to diagnose and solve issues independently.

If you notice problems with your HVAC system this fall, don’t hesitate. Contact TMC today to schedule fall HVAC maintenance and quickly solve your heating and cooling problems!