Air Conditioning Services


Tennessee Mechanical Corporation has over four decades of experience working with air conditioning and heating requirements for both residential and commercial properties.


When it comes to air conditioning, we repair all makes and models that are currently available on the market, as well as older systems that are still going strong. From split gas systems to ductless mini splits, TMC is your number one provider for any heating and cooling systems that need maintenance, repair, or replacing. We also work with controls and thermostats and can provide all the relevant assistance you need to get back up and running like normal.


TMC has some of the top names in the industry when it comes to product offerings. From Goodman to Lennox, you know you’ll be getting the cream of the crop. As well as excellent customer service, they provide a great Energy Savings Program that will help you save money as a household.

The Benefits Of A Healthy Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning Services

Having a healthy HVAC system in place can be beneficial in many ways and is the reason why you should be actively receiving air conditioning repair and maintenance services for your HVAC unit on a timely basis.


Comfort In Your Home

As experts in HVAC systems, TMC understands the need for a fully-functioning system due to the comfort it provides to your home throughout the year. The last thing you want is to have a faulty thermostat or leaks in your ductwork that will make you feel uncomfortable when you need air conditioning the most. 

Being able to keep temperatures consistent within your home is important, and it’s why an HVAC system is so important to keep healthy.

Improves Your Air Quality

Maintaining a healthy environment within your home is also important, and so a functioning HVAC system will contribute to better air quality indoors.


Any dirty parts within your HVAC system can end up spreading throughout your home. For example, this can be things like dust and pet dander. If you or any of your household suffer from these allergies or perhaps has asthma, then you should keep the air quality as clean as can be.


Therefore, by having your system checked and maintained frequently, it’s going to keep you and your family’s household health in check.


As part of TMC’s services, we can keep your filters clean and replaced when needed.


Reduces The Risk Of Illnesses

With the filters in your HVAC collecting various bacteria and larger particles, it’s important to change them frequently. If not, then it could result in the spread of viruses and other illnesses throughout the household. Of course, that is the last thing you want in your home and so it’s good to have an air conditioning unit that’s as clean and efficient to help reduce this risk as much as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair versus Replacement FAQ

When Is the Right Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning System?

There are definitely certain signs that are worth paying attention to when it comes to the health of your air conditioning system. These signs will be an indication of your HVAC system needing maintenance, repair, or even replacement. If you are thinking about replacing your system, then fall and spring are usually the best months to replace an older unit.

Is your air conditioning unit more than ten years old?

If your air conditioning unit is more than ten years old, then you should start preparing for the purchase of a new unit as soon as possible. Ten years is a considerable amount of time, and if you’re being very vigilant with the cleaning and maintenance of your unit, then it might last a little while longer. However, there are factors that could influence its lifespan, and so most air conditioners will last between 10-12 years.

Does your HVAC unit keep breaking down?

A very telling sign of something being wrong is when the unit itself keeps breaking down. At TMC, repair services are offered, but our experts will make sure to inform you of any indications that your HVAC is beyond repair.


And just like any service call for repair or maintenance, these visits can end up becoming more costly the older the unit gets. It eventually becomes financially beneficial to simply replace the unit with a new one. Also, it’s worth getting this system replaced place before the warmer months roll around.

Have you seen an increase in your utility bills?

If you’ve seen a sudden surge in your energy bills, then this should be an indication that something is wrong with your unit.


Usually, your bills will stay consistent each month, and if there’s any spike in your bills, then it’s worth focusing your attention on the health of your air conditioning unit. The last thing you want is to spend more money on bills than on yourself and your family. If you notice a change, then this might be a good time to replace your unit.

Keep your home comfortable with TMC

At TMC, we are proud to offer all of our customers the services they need for heating and cooling in their homes. We can help with HVAC repair and HVAC replacement. Family owned and operated, our team has served residents in Tennessee for over 40 years.