HVAC tips for the fall

As the days start to get shorter, and the leaves begin to drop, there are all sorts of things you’ll need to do to get your home ready for fall. From clearing away your patio furniture to changing your seasonal decor, there is a long list of things you’ll need to take care of.

One thing that should be at the top of your list is to transition your HVAC from summer to fall. This isn’t something that happens overnight, and you’ll need to make sure you prepare your home the right way. 

Get your home ready for the upcoming season with the following HVAC tips for the fall:

hvac tips for the fall

Make better use of fans and windows

As things start to become a little cooler, you can start to use lower settings on your AC unit. If your home continues to feel warm, you can make the most of ceiling fans and leaving your windows open to help circulate some cooler air through your home. As a basic heating and air tip, this will also help you air out your home, ready to welcome that fall freshness. 

Adjust your thermostat slowly

Your heating system will have been out of action for a while, which is why it’s going to need to be eased into fall gently. Instead of turning your thermostat up to a high setting straight away, start by turning it up a degree or two at a time. You may find that this is sufficient to make you feel warmer.

Keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees during the daytime should be a comfortable temperature for you. You can lower your thermostat at night, and while you’re out of the house to help you keep your energy bills low.

Check for drafts around your home

One of the most crucial fall heating tips involves inspecting your home for signs of drafts. If you feel a chill near your windows and doors, consider how you can seal them to keep the heat in. In some cases, you might need to replace your windows completely to fix the problem.

Prepare your gas heating

If you have gas heating in your home, it is going to need easing in for fall. You should aim to use it a couple of times during the summer or in the build-up to colder weather to stop it from overloading, and to make sure it’s working correctly. Keep an eye out for any faults that might indicate an issue with your boiler.

Keep your blinds closed

Making the most of your blinds and drapes will help stop your HVAC system from being overloaded. Blinds and drapes can help insulate your home to stop heat and getting out and into your home. Shut your blinds during the day to help keep your home cool, keeping them closed at night to help your home warm retain heat when you turn the thermostat up.

Turn the AC off at night

When the weather gets colder, you’ll have less need for your AC at night. But while you wait for the winter weather to fully set in, you can open some windows or leave a fan on, helping bring some cool air into your home. Your home will feel nice and fresh come morning, and you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills.

Change your filter

Your HVAC air filter can easily become clogged with dust, so it’s a good idea to change the filter regularly. With a clean air filter, your heating won’t have to work as hard, and your air quality will also improve. 

Schedule maintenance

HVAC systems need regular maintenance to ensure that they’re working safely. Scheduling maintenance for your HVAC system now can help make sure you’ve got everything in working order ready for fall.

You should take the opportunity to have your AC checked, as well as your heating systems to avoid any nasty surprises. The sooner you catch a problem with your HVAC unit, the sooner it can be fixed. You should aim to have your HVAC inspected around twice a year to make sure it stays in working order.

If you have any queries about your HVAC unit and how you can get it ready for fall, then contact an HVAC professional with TMC who can help. They’ll have advice for getting your system up and running, and can carry out the inspections needed to get everything working correctly

With winter just around the corner, make sure you get your HVAC ready for the big chill now.