Is your HVAC unit ready for winter weather?

In the South, winter strikes when mother nature feels like it, so make sure your heating system is ready and your HVAC doesn’t need a repair.

Freezing temperatures can come as early as October and as late as April (with brief periods of spring-like weather in between). Such rapid shifts between heating and cooling can be hard on HVAC systems.

1. Get your Central Heating and Air Conditioning serviced

That’s the main reason why you should have your HVAC serviced at least once a year. Whether it’s gas or electric, you should have a professional inspect, clean and service your central heating out annually. This will add years to its life and reduce your overall heating costs.

2. Change your filter

The easiest thing you can do to prepare for winter is to change the filter on the HVAC system. Dirt, hair and other things clog up the filter and make your heater work less efficiently. Dirt in the works is the No. 1 reason that heaters break down.

Air filters should be checked every month and replaced. You shouldn’t let it go for more than three months.

Pro Tip: Write the date on the filter so you know when you last replaced it.

3. Adjust your thermostat

Most public places are set between 70 and 72 degrees. This is comfortable for most people, but, if you’re concerned about cost, reducing the temperature can save you 1% for every degree under 72. So setting your thermostat at 68, as recommended by TVA, can save you 4% off your electric bill.

There are many programmable thermostats, some smart, some not, that can help heat your home. These can be programmed to change the temperature at night or during the day when you are away to help reduce your energy costs.

4. Test your HVAC when it’s warm outside

The last thing you want is no heat on a cold night, so test your system when it’s still warm and mild. You don’t want to call a repairman during a cold snap when all the HVAC repair near you are out on service calls.

When you turn it on, be sure to listen for odd noises, heat, or water coming from your HVAC system, this could indicate something is wrong.

If something is wrong or you need an annual servicing, call us at 615-255-6677.