HVAC Tune-Up

What is included in a HVAC tune-up?

Scheduling an HVAC tune-up will improve the health of your heating and air unit

To keep your home comfortable and safe it’s important to properly maintain your heating and cooling system.

To do this, you’ll need to call your local HVAC company and book an HVAC tune-up service.

But what exactly is included in a tune-up?

During a routine HVAC tune-up in most scenarios, your technician will inspect all components of your HVAC system, including:

    • Ducts and Vents: Part of the HVAC tune-up includes an inspection of the ducts and vents, this is to ensure there are no air leaks. Small air leaks will compromise the efficiency of your heating system.
    • Blower Inspection: The technician will inspect the blower component, making sure the seal is tight so that no air can leak out. They will also carry out a test on the motor, to ensure the component does not present a fire risk.
    • Air Filters: Your HVAC technician will check the air filters, ensuring that the filter permits adequate airflow and is clean.
    • Thermostat Check: HVAC maintenance also includes a thermostat check, adjusting your device to help you save on your energy costs.
    • High Limit: The technician will check your ‘high limit control’, a safety feature that ensures that the unit does not overheat.
    • Burner Check: This involves checking that the burner works correctly, and checking the gas pressure, to ensure that the appliance has the correct amount of fuel.
    • Air Conditioning Unit: During an HVAC tune-up your AC unit is tested, to ensure it’s operating correctly without overexerting or short-cycling.
    • Furnace Maintenance: Your furnace is tested to ensure that it works correctly and to check if any repairs are required.
    • Heat Exchanger Check: As part of this service your contractor will check for damage to your heat exchanger. It’s important to check this as any damage could result in a carbon monoxide leak.


An HVAC maintenance check might also include:

        • Taking measurements of the charge and refrigerant levels.
        • Straightening and checking fins.
        • Tightening the electrical connection.
        • Checking the controls.
        • Lubricating the moving parts.


      How long does an HVAC tune-up take?

      Your average HVAC tune-up takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It depends on your system and the extent of the work required. All you have to do is book a tune-up and your HVAC contractor will take care of the rest.

      Is an HVAC tune-up worth the cost?

      Absolutely! It’s important to schedule regular HVAC maintenance to ensure your safety and comfort. If you have issues with your HVAC system these problems can put you and your family at risk. A faulty heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide, and it’s dangerous if your HVAC system is prone to overheating. Even minor issues with your HVAC system can leave you with high energy bills and a home that’s just too cold!

      When you get an HVAC tune-up, your technician will make necessary repairs, and fix up any wear and tear. They can spot small issues and fix these before the problems lead to extensive damage. If your HVAC system breaks down completely, it can be expensive to repair. HVAC tune-ups are affordably priced and can help to save you money in the long-run.

      How often do the heating and cooling unit need to be serviced?

      It’s advised that you book an HVAC tune-up twice a year at least, you should schedule in one just before the summer begins, and another as autumn is coming to an end. Of course, if you are worried there is a problem with your HVAC system, you can schedule a tune-up at any time of the year.

      How do I clean my HVAC System?

      If you’d like to clean your HVAC system yourself you can do this by replacing the filters and cleaning the registers and air vents. Take the hose on your vacuum cleaner, and vacuum the vents. You can also dust the air ducts, and wipe away any dirt with a cloth. Your HVAC technician will clean your system as part of the tune-up (however it doesn’t hurt to give it a quick clean yourself every now and then)!

      How can Tennessee Mechanical Corporation help?

      AT TMC we are dedicated to providing the best heating and cooling systems for all our clients. With the help of our Energy Savings Agreement, we can help you to save both money and energy, extending the life of your system at the same time. If you need an HVAC tune-up, get in touch today. Our team of talented technicians can answer all your questions and queries about HVAC maintenance.